Engaged Art Across Iowa

Arts Share and the Grant Wood Art Colony connect students across arts disciplines with communities in Iowa to create vibrant, engaging murals, installations, and more to celebrate local culture and draw attention to different projects and causes. 

The Community Mural Toolkit

A 24-page, downloadable PDF available to anyone that offers an introduction to the nuts and bolts of community mural-making and an invitation to consider and explore your community’s goal for creating community art. In this toolkit, you will find community benefits of murals, material, site and space needs, community engagement, strategies, a sample budget, potential funding strategies, evaluation methods, and project examples.
*Courtesy of Jennifer Drinkwater and Iowa State University

Grant Wood Art Colony - Symposium Resources

If you are interested in partnering with the Office of Community Engagement on a project, please contact ui-engagement@uiowa.edu.
A sample mural project overview can be found here.
Mural Background