Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Working closely with Waterloo’s Center for the Arts, MFA student Sean Tyler designed and installed two murals at the gateway to the downtown district. Driven by a process of public engagement. the piece reflects the values, stories and/or identity of the community.


Waterloo Public Art
Waterloo Public Art 2

As part of the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities partnership in 2021, the Waterloo Center for the Arts worked with University of Iowa Master of Fine Arts students to design and install public murals that reflect the values, stories, and/or identity of the Waterloo community. Waterloo Exhibitions, Collections, and Public Art Committee serving under the Waterloo Cultural and Arts Commission selected the mural designs proposed by Sean Tyler. "These mural designs take inspiration from Waterloo’s new spirit of urban renewal along with the natural beauty of Iowa and its native plant species" Tyler explains.

The murals are easily visible from Highway 218 as visitors and locals pass by. Tyler says, "This design is intended to be an eye-catching centerpiece that can gain attention from the highway and pique interest. Blue and orange and yellow and purple are both vibrant and attention-grabbing color combinations that represent the spirit and energy of the current renewal of Waterloo’s downtown." She also hopes this work will draw area residents to the bike trails to see the work.