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University of Iowa launches Graduate Engagement Corps to connect graduate and professional students to funding, community partnerships, and professional development

Those interested in making a difference through research and teaching encouraged to apply

The Graduate Engagement Corps (GEC) is an opportunity for students seeking advanced degrees to learn about and receive support for community engaged teaching, learning, and research. Members of the GEC will also be part of a network of like-minded, community engaged students that can provide friendship and connection throughout their time at the University of Iowa.

"This is a community of students looking for the opportunity to make an impact in the world through research and teaching," said Nick Benson, executive director of the Office of Community Engagement." The GEC will give you training, resources, and a community to join to advance those causes." 

The GEC was born out of the sunset of the Obermann Center's Graduate Institute on Engagement and the Academy. Benson and Obermann Center leadership worked over the summer to transition the program and make it more accessible and practical for participants. 

The GEC will offer graduate and professional students training, support, and financial resources to help impact their communities through engagement. The orientation and workshops will provide the training, the GEC network will provide support, and grants launching fall of 2022 will provide the financial resources through grants for which GEC members can apply.

"The wonderful thing about the GEC is that it is accessible for everybody, and it is a reasonably brief time commitment," Benson said. "There is an orientation in the middle of January for three short half days where you will get the opportunity to learn about engaged research and teaching while making connections with community partners." 

The deadline for applying is Friday, November 12th, at 5:00 pm. The application is here, and more information is available at https://engagement.uiowa.edu/GEC.



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Stories of Impact

Learn how faculty and students are engaging with communities across Iowa and beyond.
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CEC Information for Students & Faculty

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Understanding Engagement

The University of Iowa has a long and proud tradition of serving the public through community engagement. In fact, many of the buildings on campus are named after scholars deeply committed to serving the public good.

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What is Community-Engaged Learning?

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) supports community engaged learning through trainings and resources for course and syllabus creation, partnership development, project management, reflection and assessment, and community-engaged learning scholarship.

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What is Community-Engaged Research?

At the heart of the University of Iowa’s research mission is the pursuit of discovery, the dissemination of new knowledge, and the creation of new artistic works that not only contribute to the University of Iowa campus, but our broader community and world.

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Engagement and the Arts

With its top-ranked arts programs, the University of Iowa attracts some of the best students and faculty in the country.  The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) is committed to working with faculty and students to advance their arts practices and sharing the UI’s arts resources with the rest of the state.

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