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What is the Faculty Engagement Corps (FEC)?)

The Office of Community Engagement supported University of Iowa faculty and instructional staff through the Faculty Engagement Corps (FEC). The FEC provided instructors interested in community engagement with training, networking, and project development to elevate their teaching and increase their impact in communities. The 2024 FEC helped bring expert speakers and presenters on a variety of topics central to community engagement at Iowa.

Faculty and instructors interested in furthering their skills in community-engaged teaching and research were encouraged to consider joining the Faculty Engagement Corps (FEC). The FEC kicked off with an Orientation from May 20th – 22nd in the University Capitol Centre, with additional workshops and trainings throughout the 2024-25 Academic Year.

The FEC Orientation covered principles and practices of community-engaged teaching and community-engaged research and included a variety of interactive sessions with information on the following:

- Nuts and bolts of teaching a community-engaged course
- Best practices for incorporating community engagement into your research
- Building community partnerships
- Recognizing and rewarding community engagement in career advancement
- Campus and external resources for community-engaged faculty and instructors

The Faculty Engagement Corps was open to all faculty and instructors, but junior faculty and instructors who were newer to community engagement were especially encouraged to apply to the FEC.

Following the FEC Orientation, there were additional opportunities throughout the academic year for FEC members to connect and further build community engagement skills through OCE and campus partner programming.

Please email Nick Benson at nicholas-benson@uiowa.edu or Rachel Young at rachel-young@uiowa.edu if you had questions about the Faculty Engagement Corps or needed additional information.

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Inspiring Community Impact through Learning Experiences

In colleges and departments across the University of Iowa, faculty and instructors are working to advance community engagement experiences that connect their students to community partners to create opportunities for elevated learning outcomes that lead to impact in the lives of Iowans throughout the state and beyond. The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) provides resources, best practices, and technical assistance to ensure community-engaged teaching experiences run smoothly, which increases the benefits of community-engaged courses while helping navigate structural challenges, logistical issues, and potential partnership pitfalls.

OCE developed the Faculty Engagement Corps (FEC) to provide resources and support in an environment where faculty and instructors interested in being champions for community-engaged learning could develop their skills while connecting to a community of like-minded professionals across campus. Together, the FEC will foster spirit and passion for impact in a holistic environment that encourages feedback and support to guide and drive educators to uplift students through teaching experiences that engage with community partners outside the university.

Information on community-engaged conferences, publishing, and professional development workshops further enhance opportunities available to FEC members.