Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Students have found that more and more employers are asking for real-world experience for entry-level jobs. Businesses were interested in education to help develop their employees' hard and soft-skill competencies. The Tippie College of Business saw these challenges and responded by creating a new program to fill the gaps for students and businesses.

"Besides putting into practice what they are learning in the classroom," said Nicholas Kavanaugh, assistant director of experiential learning at the Tippie College of Business. "It expands their world view, building their personal and professional portfolios."

Tippie RISE, launched in the fall of 2016, helps students acquire job-related skills to advance their career preparation, expand their global view, and build their professional network. The impact of this program operates on a global scale, guiding students to experiences in Africa, Italy, and Australia, to name a few. 

According to Tippie Magazine - Winter 2015-16, the goal for the Tippie College of Business is "to be a catalyst for transformation, to develop bold solutions for a changing world through business education, research, and engagement." 

Tippie RISE has brought them one step closer to achieving this goal. 

Kavanaugh explained that RISE's impact on students allows them to become well-rounded business students. Through Research, Internships, Study abroad, or Experiential courses, students bridge their learning in the classroom with the real world. 

"Some students were doing these things but allowing all students to have these high-impact experiences to drive their learning was essential," Kavanaugh said.

These experiences aren't limited to junior or senior-level students; Tippie serves students in their first years already looking to use some of their knowledge in the real world. 

"Students can always do something right away," Kavanaugh said. "It expands their world view, especially students getting multiple experiences."

Nanette Chapa, a student, majoring in Human Resources Management and Business Analytics with a minor in French, said, "RISE was never something I was worried about completing. There are many opportunities, and it's integrated into the student experience well." 

Not only did Chapa complete her RISE requirements, but she could also complete three of the four experiences offered. She conducted research experiences with the Tippie Undergraduate Office and internships at Deloitte in the global services division and with the business analytics department at Tippie. 

Chapa was finishing up her experiential learning during her last semester before graduation and said that these experiences allowed her to step out of her comfort zone. She could experience things she would have never gotten from a standard in-class experience. While terrifying at times, they were incredible experiences looking back.

When COVID-19 brought challenges to many internship and study abroad sponsors, Tippie RISE identified alternatives, moved internships or study abroad opportunities virtually, and shortened experience terms. 

"We went in knowing flexibility was the key and were able to work a lot with virtual opportunities," Kavanaugh said. "We worked hard to ensure students were still able to have great intercultural experiences." 

Hundreds of students have already had a RISE experience impacting their education in a meaningful way. As workplaces and knowledge requirements change, so can the experiences that students have access to. The Tippie College of Business designed RISE to grow and flex around the opportunities offered to students.

There are no limits to the benefits and impact on a student's education.