Friday, April 27, 2018

Sunday, May 13th
7:00 pm               Burt Public Library (outside)
                             FREE and open to the public
Monday, May 14th
7:00 pm               Manning High School, Community Concert
                             FREE and open to the public

Tuesday, May 15th
10:00                    Novak Elementary, Marion
2:30                      Linn Grove Elementary, Marion
Wednesday, May 16th
8:30                      North Bend Elementary, North Liberty
1:45                      Indian Creek Elementary, Marion

Thursday, May 17th
9:15                      Bowman Woods Elementary, Cedar Rapids
12:00                    Winfield-Mt. Union Elementary, Winfield
4:00                      Maquoketa Art Experience, Maquoketa
                             FREE and open to the public

Friday, May 18th
8:10                      Wilkins Elementary, Marion
10:00                    Westfield Elementary, Marion
2:30                      Echo Hill Elementary, Marion