Monday, December 12, 2016

Every August, with the support from the Graduate College, Arts Share welcomes graduate assistants to help coordinate some of the 300+ events, performances, and workshops that get scheduled. For the past three years, Rob Hillman and Christine Burke have assisted Arts Share’s efforts, which impacts more than 10,000 people across the state annually. Hear more about Rob and Christine’s journey with Arts Share:


Tell me a little about your background? What are you studying here at Iowa?

Rob: I'm studying music performance and working on my Doctorate of Musical Arts.

Christine: I'm studying a little differently. I have two years of a masters in clarinet and one year in music composition.

How long have you been working with Art Share? What initially made you want to get involved?

Rob: I've been working with Arts Share for three years and initially got excited to be involved in bringing music into the community.

Christine: I've also been here three years. When you apply to come to school, this program was one that most of the people were working with in School of Music. It's nice to do something involved with the community.

What is a typical day like for you? Is there something new every day or do you have a routine?

Christine: Typically we're managing what projects we are working on at the time - it could be anything from a local performance to a workshop on the other side of the state. Once we get into spring we will do camp registration and administration things related to Arts Share camp that is held in the summer.

Rob: I start in the fall planning a tour for the UI Symphony Orchestra that happens in spring typically right before spring break. Our first year here we went to Kansas City and last year we went to Chicago and got to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and perform for local high schools. It's cool seeing everything that goes into a big project like that.

What have been some of your favorite aspects of being a GA for Art Share?

Christine: It's nice to be involved with something so positive, whether we're going to a nursing home or hospital or a school. it's a great experience to go perform places. It's invaluable as an artist.

Rob: It reinforces that we're doing something worthwhile. We're seeing the appreciation that comes back from the community. On the performer side, we're making connections with the audience. Arts Share allows us to have more contact with the community and the audience you don’t always get.

How has it been working with Leslie?

Christine: Leslie is amazing. She is the nicest person, easy to talk to, very flexible and willing to hear ideas. She is totally welcoming and accepting.

Rob: Leslie is really great to work with. Around the holidays we make cards for everyone involved with Arts Share and decorate them ourselves. It's such a Leslie thing.