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Webster City Project Image 1

SAAH professor Dan Miller designed a solar-powered sculpture reflecting the Boone River’s outline through Webster City in its bench, and a canopy based on the local street plan. The piece was constructed by Dan along with two graduate students.

Art Sculpture

Plasticity: Our changing oceans
Children and adults explored Graduate student/Arts Share assistant Jaquelyn Dale Whitman’s Plasticity exhibit, an interactive and immersive installation that educated viewers about marine biodiversity and plastic pollution.

Webster City Mural

MFA graduate student Ali Hval designed a 12-panel mural that celebrates Webster City’s past, present, and future with colorful paintings that each represent an important person or aspect of the community.  Ali painted the mural with the help of members of the community.

Washington Mural

Erin Rappleye, graduate student and Arts Share assistant, designed and painted a 2-story mural for the Washington Public Library as part of an effort to provide public art in the alleyway, where recycling bins had recently been installed, and enhance downtown Washington. 


The Family Farm Art Tribute is a sculpture dedicated to recognizing the value and importance of the family farm in Van Buren County and across the state.